SuperPost for week 1: Jan 17th and 19th


Theme for the week: Warming up!

Readings to discuss in class on Tuesday: No readings, just introductions and discussing the syllabus. Where do we want this class to go? What specific areas are YOU interested in, and what are your experiences online? Sign up for class blog.

Additional material to discuss on Thursday: Meet in class Thursday to finalize syllabus and schedule. Set up personal blogs and set up RSS feed reader (Google Reader, etc.) to best bookmark blogs for semester

Over the weekend:
look through this list and pick three+ blogs you would like to follow this semester. Pay attention to a) the general ‘theme’ if applicable (find something you like!), b) whether blog is still active, and c) how often posts are published.


This is the format for our weekly SuperPosts. You will be able and required to participate in discussion with your classmates on these posts using the comment function. On normal weeks, we will have things to read and discuss on Tuesdays in class, and Thursdays will typically be reserved for online discussion of extra articles, blog posts, youtube videos, twitter and facebook campaigns, etc. This will become much more familiar as we work together! Our SuperPosts will be “stuck” to the top of the page each week, so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. 


what do you think?

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