SuperPost for week 2: Jan 24th and 26th


Theme for the week:  Cyberfeminism

Have three blogs chosen (from last week’s list) and have them added to your RSS reader

Readings to discuss in class on Tuesday: 

Additional material to discuss on Thursday: 



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  1. What did y’all think of the explicitly cyberfeminist websites above? They’re a little odd, perhaps, but are kinda fun to explore.

    Also, [how] did talking about cyberfeminist activism and theory on Tuesday change the way you looked at the internet and your participation therein? I thought you all did a great job with discussion and I’m excited to hear about your thoughts after letting it all sink in.

    • A little odd? Haha, yeah. It’s weird to be browsing something about cyberfeminism and then seeing this out of nowhere.

      On the same page as that, the text I was looking at was talking about the female body and cyberspace, which made me think of something. Why the hell are computer voices 95% of the time female voices? Even better, why are the ones with holograms or whatnot pretty much always female? I can think of at least four different examples and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a male example.

      Also, it’s so weird to see CF stand for cyberfeminism when I’m used to it standing for childfree. 😛

    • I was intrigued by the site designs, yet a little unhappy with the lack of workng link connections that OBN had (under mags&zines). 😦

      The convo was good on Tuesday. I was glad it wasnt the typical borng lecture, but then again nothing is ever boring in your classes. After looking at these sites I had the urge to start blogging like a cyberfeminist. Even made a meme about polar bear and put it on fb. lol

      • if you want to turn yours (or create a new one, let me know!) into a cyberfeminist blog, that would be perfect for this class and for you to present on later in the semester.

    • I had no real complaints. The site navigation was a little confusing and awkward (plus I always seem to find sites that have looping audio slightly annoying…). The art aspect is neat but I feel like it may subtract from the overall message (referring to by the way). I actually spent some of my own time surfing /TwoXChromosomes and /feminism. There was some decent discussion on both… though /Feminism was a lot more relevant.

  2. Like I said before, I’m not sure than I can make a distinction between “third-wave” feminism and cyberfeminism. The two seem too closely linked, in my mind. The idea of the Internet as a feminist platform is definitely an interesting one, though. Even if there are certain (geographical, financial) limitations on who has access to the Internet, it’s still definitely given people an outlet to argue and communicate like nothing before. As the ‘net becomes an ingrained part of global cultures, I think we’ll see it used increasingly often as an activism tool.

    • I would say that cyberfeminism exists as a branch of third wave feminism, since the third wave encompasses a huge variety of things – ecofeminism, multicultural feminism, work specifically in developing nations, etc.

      If you’re interested for your blog post(s) or future assignements, this piece [] nests CF within the larger context and argues somewhat against using the “wave” metaphor for feminism as it can be divisive and create artificial boundaries.

      (woo! i just realized that when you Edit a comment, it takes you to a whole formatting section. how handy!)

      • I actually really like/agree with the statement regarding the wave metaphor being divisive. Though I suppose it provides identity to each individual group, especially in the case of CF (so weird not seeing that as childfree), it creates a sense that each group is an island with limited to no shared experience… This is speaking of course from more an outsider perspective though.

  3. also, since it’s officially 11, if y’all want to use a twitter hashtag (#wmst491 or whatever you prefer) in addition since it can be faster, feel free! just let us all know what’s going on.

    • just talking. scroll up and check out the websites (under “Additional material to discuss on Thursday”) and let me know what you think. and/or reflect on the stuff we talked about in class on Tuesday.
      you’re in the right place 🙂 hope you’re doing okay!

        • good questions. your own post, which is a recap of what you’ve seen on the blogs you follow (and hopefully drawing in what we talk about in class), is due on your blog by tomorrow afternoon… let’s say 4:30pm. this will be the weekly requirement and you’re welcome to post way before Friday or do multiple posts 🙂

    • yep! welcome 🙂 and i just realized/remembered that you and katie (‘mizkathulu’ on here) are both r/childfree, or at least childfree in general, fans.
      so… there’s something.

      • Yeaa… I’d identify as childfree but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion, heheh. Sorry to be a little more behind the curve, but this twitter hashtag; is it both necessary and how to I utilize it? I know absolutely nothing about twitter.

        • not necessary at all, but can be easier for people who like twitter. basically if you DO use twitter, you would put #wmst491 (or any other #hashtag) in your tweet. then, anyone can click on that #link and see the full conversation from anyone using the tag.

          a really well-used one in the feminist twittersphere around the world is #fem2 (click!) which i might have y’all check out later in the semester, but it would give you an idea of how the conversation can go when you use hashtags.

    • I love how they made lego “girly” when legos are universal colors. I loved legos as a kid. I think that the red and blue colors were fine. ugh they had to go and ruin a classic.

      • I like the fact that they added purple Legos, but eh. Give me the Harry Potter sets over these new things any day. Those are awesome.

    • Pre-assembled? Man, that takes ALL the fun out of Legos. If you’re just going to play with your Legos like they were Polly Pocket dolls, just get the Polly Pocket dolls (I miss the original ones /sadface). I mean, they’re kind of cute, but I’m not sure they’re necessary. I played with Legos when I was younger and I never complained that the female ones couldn’t sit in front of a mirror and comb their plastic hair.

    • I agree that LEGO is has a boy-oriented base, but I will say, I played with HELLA legos when I was young. The ‘barbielicious’ theme is offputting and sexist for sure, but I think they could redeem themselves in future campaigns.

  4. I think I am still trying to wrap my head around what cyberfeminism is, and after going through the slide show I learned what it wasn’t. But in my mind I still don’t have a clear definition of what it really is. I think it seems a little confusing to me because up until this past week I normally only use the Internet for facebook, email, and to check the weather. I did however enjoy the part about DIY, I think that is a great message to get across not only to women but people in general. If you wanna see something happen, make it!

  5. I’ve seen that meme on facebook so much in the last week or so! I think it sends out a good message to women who maybe face body image issues or just aren’t comfortable in their own skin.

    • I completely agree. It seems like there are a lot of (or an increasing amount of) body image PSAs (I don’t know what else to call them). There was a big one in Australia I came across a while back… I’ll see if I can dig it up.

    • I like it too. I really like seeing positive reactions to women who don’t fit the rail thin supermodel body type, considering most women cannot look like that without starving themselves half to death. However, I can kind of see why people can also criticize the glorification of curves and putting down the thin. Some people can’t help it that they’re that thin and saying that one body type is better than another is just flipping everything around. Instead of saying a thin and boyish figure is better than an average and curvy figure, it’s saying that the curvy one is better than the boyish one. Still, it’s nice to see people starting to get it.

      Plus, it always irks me when people equate curvy with being overweight. Curvy isn’t a nice way to say that someone is overweight. It means something completely different. :/

  6. There’s a really good example of the ‘net as a feminist tool. Jen McCreight’s “Boobquake” was started as a semi-joking movement and turned into a legitimate feminist moment. I’ll post more when I get back to to my laptop.

    • you’re fine! hopefully we’re all scrolling back and forth and reading one another’s thoughts. this is our first time and i’m really impressed by the results already!

    • [liked/starred/up-voted/etc.] 😛

      not sure if people will see this, but do y’all mind if i share our online meeting with folks who are interested in doing similar things in their classrooms? i’m not posting it to reddit or pinterest, just potentially passing it along to other teachers. if anyone has a problem with it, please let me know and i’ll just re-cap to them 🙂 (also, if you’d like to share it with your own friends, that’s fine with me!)

  7. SO. I made it. And I must say, THIS IS RAD. Sitting in my sweats, munching on sour cream and onion chips is the best way to experience class. However I will say, I have SO MANY TABS open on my laptop right now, hah.

    But my take on cyberfeminism is, no surprise, a positive one. I love all these awesome sites and women I’ve sadly never heard of.
    ^ Really interests me. The Bitch Mutant Manifesto sounds like something right up my alley. And the quote in the image (“We are the modern cunt…”), which was also in the Neither Cyborg nor Goddess, is really cool. It sounds cliche, but it really speaks to me. Besides the content, I really like the wording that was chosen. It sounds like more like poetry than a manifesto. Or are they one in the same? (Oooo…deep.)

    I going to go investigate.

    • agreed. i’m surrounded by cats and doing something that can be considered ‘work/learning’. i’m glad many of you seem to be enjoying this!

      also, this is something i bookmarked for you specifically, Adaline, because it seems to be a combination of your interests: “Suggestions for Good Cyberfemme (House)Keeping : Or How to Party without the f*@! Boy Scouts!”

      • Bookmarked! Thanks, kate.
        Just on a personal note, I find it really funny that while in my brain I’m Susie Kick-Your-Ass Homemaker, I can’t find the energy to lift a finger toward cleaning my dorm room….I made alfredo a week ago….I haven’t cooked since because I don’t wanna clean the dishes….
        BUT, I’m confident I will gain motivation when I’m not a Mae Smith inmate.

  8. Oh yeah, and on the OBN page, I was looking at the people that comprise it and this made me swoon:

    “…MA thesis about “russian cyberfeministi strategies between reality, virtuality and fiction”…”

  9. Class is officially over, thank you all SO MUCH for participating! If you want to continue the discussion, feel free to do so on here or on your own personal blogs 🙂
    I am really really pumped about all of this. I’ll post the homework in the next SuperPost for week 3 and see you all on Tuesday!

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