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SuperPost for week 10: March 27th


PLEASE NOTE:  Your individual blog posts (on your own blogs) are due every week at the normal time even though we won’t be meeting online. If you happen to read this over the weekend and forgot to blog, please just do so by Tuesday.



Theme for the week: Women in STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math)

Readings to discuss in class Tuesday: 


SuperPost for week 6: Feb 21st and 23rd


Theme for the week: Body Image and Body-Positive Communities

Readings to discuss ONLINE Tuesday: 


Additional material to discuss IN CLASS on Thursday: 

Fat is (Still) a Feminist Issue: (WARNING: POTENTIALLY NSFW)

(if you’re interested in MORE, here’s a giant round-up of body-positive/fat-positive blogs: http://glitter-pits.tumblr.com/post/7274662211/big-ol-bodyposi-tumblr-roundup)